Morris Pumps

As part of the Yeomans Chicago Corporation, Morris heavy duty wastewater pumps are built for superior performance.  These pumps are designed to provide years of trouble free operation in applications such as sewage, sludge, grit, abrasive waste, mining, dredging, pulp and paper, industrial and food processes.

Series 6100: Billed as the toughest severe duty recessed impeller pump on the market, this model utilizes a cup type recessed impeller to handle large, abrasive solids.  It can handle capacities up to 4,600 GPM at heads up to 150'.  Contributing to this pumps superior performance and service life is its hard metal construction (650 Brinnell on wet end parts) and extra heavy replaceable wear surfaces.  These pumps also have a higher hydraulic efficiency than other recessed impeller pumps.

Series 7100: This series of pumps is available in three unique impeller designs.  The NC version is a non-clog design for standard wastewater applications with capacities up to 75,000 GPM and heads to 275'.  The EC Versions are extra capacity units cover capacities up to 100,000 GPM and heads to 175'.  The MF version or mixed flow model has capacities up to 150,000 GPM and heads to 100'.  These pumps are available in a variety of materials including 3% nickel iron, 28% chrome iron, ductile iron, 316 stainless steel, in addition to many other options.

Both series are available in vertical open extended shaft, vertical pedestal mount, horizontal direct coupled, and horizontal belt driven configurations.

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